Michael J. Lenisa, JD, BSEE

Prior to joining HFZ, I was a software automation engineer at Motorola where I designed automated protocol and hardware test systems for testing mobile devices. I was responsible for interacting with clients and developers around the world to help deliver comprehensive test platforms.

At HFZ, my practice areas include preparing and prosecuting applications in the electrical and computer arts. My experience in the mobile device and software arenas gives me a unique background, which allows me to communicate effectively with clients and to quickly understand their technology and related inventions.

Marianne Buckley , JD, BSBME

Before practicing law, I worked in the research and development department of a healthcare data analytics company. In this role, I saw firsthand how innovation can drive a company’s success. During law school, I interned with the Office of General Counsel at the American Medical Association, where I came to recognize the unique role of in-house counsel in protecting the interests of a business. In my patent prosecution practice, I draw upon these experiences to work with our clients in obtaining intellectual property protection that advances their business goals.

At HFZ, I prepare and prosecute U.S. and foreign patent applications in the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts. I have experience pursuing our clients’ patent rights in a variety of technologies, including medical devices, neuromarketing tools, child care products, information systems, and process control devices. I also assist in counseling our clients with regards to patentability, validity, and infringement matters. Additionally, I help clients obtain trademark protection and manage their trademark portfolios.

Sergio D. Filice, JD, BSME

At HFZ, I represent fortune 500 and 100 companies on all aspects of patent application preparation, prosecution and patent portfolio development. Additionally, I provide counseling regarding patentability, product clearance, validity and infringement matters in various technological fields.

My patent practice focuses on mechanical and electro-mechanical arts in a broad range of technologies including: aerospace, child care products, fluid control devices and systems, mobile devices, medical devices, window coverings, industrial door and loading dock equipment, marine equipment, firearms, printing technologies, mailers and binding equipment, and coil processing & roll forming systems.

I work with inventors and engineers to quickly grasp and analyze our clients’ inventions and provide the highest level of quality and protection for their intellectual property. HFZ’s collegial work environment enables attorneys to provide a team-oriented analysis of all our clients’ IP matters.

Earlier in my career, I was a mechanical engineer at Abbott Laboratories where I designed several disposable medical devices and provided equipment support to improve manufacturing processes and performance. Later, I practiced law at a general practice firm before joining HFZ.

Peter J. Cesarz, JD, BSEE

Prior to entering the field of patent law, I was employed by Agilent Technologies, specializing in test systems design and development for industries involved in electro-optics, medical applications, and aerospace defense. I was also part of General Electric’s Technical Leadership Program (Edison Engineering Program), where I was involved with internal code and standards, electronics products design, and next generation product research and development.

At HFZ, I enjoy the inventive diversity brought by the clients that we serve, which always ensures new and interesting intellectual property challenges to tackle. I often find that my prior experience as an engineer and consultant bolsters my ability to comprehend new inventive subject matter and efficiently communicate with inventors.

Michael W. Zimmerman, JD, MSEE, BSEE

The most enjoyable aspect of my work is having the opportunity to work with inventors to facilitate the development of their ideas into patentable inventions. My engineering background allows me to speak the inventors’ language and to recognize where further development of an application is needed.

As a member of Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, I have prepared and prosecuted U.S. and foreign patent applications in the areas of software systems, digital media systems, cellular timing circuitry, and low-level computer operations software. I’ve also conducted patent litigation assistance for both defensive and offensive investigations and patent assertions, and I’ve prepared and assisted with the preparation of non-infringement and validity opinions.

Prior to attending law school, I performed validation procedures on software and embedded medical-monitoring devices at GE Medical Systems, Inc. I also developed hardware and software tools for automated testing of monitoring devices. I also worked for an internet service provider, managing network equipment and providing customer support.

I earned my JD from Chicago Kent College of Law. I also earned my MS and BS, magna cum laude, in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Marquette University. My thesis was on signal processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms for processing cardiac signals to detect cardiac malfunction. My work was published and presented at the 2003 Computers in Cardiology Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.

William E. Jacklin, JD, Ph.D. EE, MSEE, BSEE

Prior to joining HFZ, I was the engineering manager for DSP development at PrairieComm, Inc., where I designed and managed the development of physical layer technology for WCDMA (UMTS) and GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile cellular systems. I also worked at Northrop Grumman Corp., where I designed and implemented DSP algorithms and communication protocols for wireless systems. I am a named inventor on six granted U.S. patents.

At HFZ, I specialize in both electrical and mechanical arts. My real-world engineering experience allows me to thoroughly understand the scope and breadth of our clients’ inventions and technology portfolios, and I strive to provide guidance and pursue patent protection targeted to each client’s specific objectives.

Felipe Hernandez, JD, BSEE

I work with various large and small corporate clients in a diverse range of technology areas including software, electrical, and mechanical technologies. I believe there is no single, rigid approach to serving all clients, neither from a technical standpoint nor from a business perspective. The best IP legal services are customized to meet the needs of each client.

I spent several years as an electrical engineer before joining Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman in 2003. I developed electrical hardware architectures for multimedia platforms of next-generation mobile phones at Motorola, Inc. In that capacity, I worked with several different microprocessor families, digital multimedia codecs, LCD controllers, compression algorithms, and communication protocols. At Palm, Inc. I developed electrical hardware architectures for Palm’s line of premium handheld PDA devices, and I wrote firmware and software for mobile computing.

My current practice involves preparing and prosecuting domestic, international, and foreign patent applications. I also counsel clients on non-infringement and invalidity positions as well as other patent related matters.

Joseph T. Jasper, JD, BSBME

We strive to know each client’s business. Leveraging that knowledge, we facilitate clients’ ability to use their intellectual property to expand operations with confidence. With a focus on the medical, electrical and mechanical arts, my practice provides non-infringement and invalidity opinions to clear products or assure clients freedom to operate.

Working with engineers and in-house counsel, I help our clients generate patent portfolios and expand their businesses by developing and executing prosecution strategies including post-grant proceedings. I also coordinate with overseas counsel in opposition proceedings, procure federal trademark registrations, and manage global trademark portfolios, which includes managing and litigating trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. Additionally, I draft and negotiate licensing agreements, provide counseling related to copyright issues and procure federal copyright registrations.

Christopher N. George, JD, MSECE, BSECE

I believe our clients are best served by offering a comprehensive, strategic solution to their intellectual property and business needs. At HFZ, we’ve built a team to provide our clients a wide variety of non-litigation, intellectual property services, which they can leverage to develop and grow their businesses.

I have extensive experience in a wide range of legal arenas including patent drafting and prosecution, patent portfolio development and management, brainstorming and IP capture, patent landscaping, patent reexamination, litigation, licensing, and due diligence and opinion analysis. I also serve as seconded in-house counsel for a Fortune 5 client to advise them on patent strategy matters.

My experience in technology spans a wide variety of consumer products and manufacturing systems as well as imaging systems, image processing, analog and digital audio, casino gaming systems, telecommunications and data networks, distributed computer systems, electronic storage devices, financial trading systems, anti-virus and security software, and signal processing applications.

Prior to practicing law, I worked in the field of computer architecture and am an inventor on a patent related to runtime software optimization.

Mark C. Zimmerman, JD, MSEE, BSEE

As a founding member of Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, I have experience in U.S. and foreign patent prosecution and client counseling with particular emphasis in the electrical and mechanical fields. In addition to patent prosecution, my experience includes directing post-grant proceedings in the USPTO and acquisition negotiations. Additionally, I’ve rendered numerous non-infringement and invalidity opinions as well as testified at trial.

I’ve worked with technologies including, among other things, mobile telephones, networks, semiconductors, remotely-readable meters, industrial equipment, spray nozzles, kitchen fixtures, and firearms.

Before starting a legal career, I worked as a design engineer at Motorola Cordless Products, specializing in RF and audio circuit design. I earned my JD from DePaul University College of Law, with honors. I also earned an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of Illinois, Chicago, and my BS in Electrical Engineering, magna cum laude, from Marquette University.