Marianne Buckley , JD, BSBME

Before practicing law, I worked in the research and development department of a healthcare data analytics company. In this role, I saw firsthand how innovation can drive a company’s success. During law school, I interned with the Office of General Counsel at the American Medical Association, where I came to recognize the unique role of in-house counsel in protecting the interests of a business. In my patent prosecution practice, I draw upon these experiences to work with our clients in obtaining intellectual property protection that advances their business goals.

At HFZ, I prepare and prosecute U.S. and foreign patent applications in the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts. I have experience pursuing our clients’ patent rights in a variety of technologies, including medical devices, neuromarketing tools, child care products, information systems, and process control devices. I also assist in counseling our clients with regards to patentability, validity, and infringement matters. Additionally, I help clients obtain trademark protection and manage their trademark portfolios.

Brandon J. Dube, JD, BSME

Prior to joining HFZ, I worked as a patent agent drafting and prosecuting patent applications involving a variety of consumer products. Before attending law school I interned at Clean Air Engineering where I provided emissions testing services to coal power plants throughout the U.S.

At HFZ, my practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications in the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts. My background in mechanical engineering provides me with the expertise needed to work on a wide range of mechanical technologies including medical devices and process control devices.

Additionally, I assist in counseling clients regarding patentability, validity, and infringement issues.

Michael J. Lenisa, JD, BSEE

Prior to joining HFZ, I was a software automation engineer at Motorola where I designed automated protocol and hardware test systems for testing mobile devices. I was responsible for interacting with clients and developers around the world to help deliver comprehensive test platforms.

At HFZ, my practice areas include preparing and prosecuting applications in the electrical and computer arts. My experience in the mobile device and software arenas gives me a unique background, which allows me to communicate effectively with clients and to quickly understand their technology and related inventions.

Kim A. Jacklin, JD, BSEE

Before joining HFZ, I managed the development of an international patent portfolio for The Nielsen Company. In that role, I oversaw patent prosecution, litigation and opinion drafting. I also drafted and negotiated technology licenses, and evaluated patent assets for merger and acquisition activities.


I have experience with a variety of technologies in the areas of software, electrical and mechanical engineering. Before law school, I worked as an electrical engineer in the Nuclear Power Industry where I developed and co-authored a paper about a technique for determining drift tolerance levels of instrument loop devices.

S. Nazeer Ali, JD, MSME, BSME

I’ve always had a personal interest in innovation and emerging technologies. My industry experience includes working at both Motorola and Brunswick. At Motorola, I worked as a design engineer on cellular phones and base stations. At the Life Fitness division of Brunswick, I designed treadmills and exercise bicycles.

At HFZ, my practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical, electro-mechanical, manufacturing processes, and computer areas. I also assist in counseling matters. My experience in dealing with multifaceted and complex issues helps me grasp our clients’ innovative technologies quickly.

Scott D. Salmon, JD, BSME

I have great interest in innovation and how the law adapts to ever-changing technology both domestically and abroad. Before joining HFZ, I taught at Chicago-Kent College of Law where I instructed students on principles of international intellectual property law and on academic writing on topics in IP law. My interest and understanding of both U.S. and foreign law, coupled with my background in mechanical engineering, enable me to quickly grasp the details (both legal and technical) that are relevant to the needs of our clients to secure the broadest protection possible for their IP rights.

At HFZ, my practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical, electro-mechanical, and computer arts. Since joining HFZ, I have enjoyed the wide array of new technologies and novel ideas developed by the clients we serve and the opportunity and challenge to turn those ideas into protectable interests. For example, I have represented clients in areas as diverse as computer hardware and software, fluid control systems, electrical connectors, media consumption measurement, and manufacturing processes. Assisting to turn those ideas into protectable interests is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Larry J. Palguta, JD, BSME

Prior to joining HFZ, for more than 22 years I handled a diverse range of technologies for Honeywell in the automotive and aerospace industries. During my years as in-house counsel for both large and small corporations, I implemented strategies that generated and expanded intellectual property to protect clients’ businesses and products, and to derive additional value from licensing the commercialization of intellectual property.

At HFZ, I focus on the mechanical, electro-mechanical, and composition of matter arts. In addition to my experience preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications, client counseling, and opinions, I have also drafted and negotiated license agreements for patents and software, supported university research, and handled intellectual property matters arising within mergers and acquisitions.

Robert A. Conley, JD, MSBME, BSBME

Prior to joining HFZ, I spent ten years representing plaintiffs and defendants in patent litigation proceedings conducted in Federal courts throughout the United States and in post-grant proceedings before the USPTO. In that capacity, I was responsible for all phases of the litigation process, including preparing and responding to discovery requests, taking and defending depositions, preparing expert reports, preparing and arguing motions of all varieties, preparing and arguing claim construction positions, preparing for trials, examining trial witnesses, and preparing post-trial motions and appellate briefs.


At HFZ, I leverage my extensive litigation experience to draft and prosecute enforceable patents that will withstand third party challenges and result in victories at trial.   I also utilize the insights gleaned from my years of experience in Federal court and post-grant patent office proceedings to provide legal counsel on infringement, non-infringement, validity, invalidity, and product clearance issues. My practice focuses on the mechanical and electro-mechanical arts. Representative technologies with which I have been involved since joining HFZ include outdoor cooking products, aircraft technologies, automotive technologies, industrial valves, process management systems, child care products, oilfield technologies, information gathering and measurement systems, cellular communication technologies, and computer software.


Alyssa M. Prindiville, JD, BSME

Prior to joining HFZ, I was a career student. I started my university studies in engineering, where I received an Associate of Science in Engineering. Before completing my Bachelor of Science, I made the tough decision to leave engineering and, instead, pursue a career in law. I received my Bachelor of Science in Political Science and went on to attend law school. Between my 2L and 3L years, I was introduced to the field of patent law. I knew immediately that a career in patent law was the right path for me. After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, I went back to university and received by Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


I have always felt a desire to learn as much as I can during my lifetime. It is this appetite for knowledge that drew me into the engineering field in the first place and what led me to a position as a patent attorney. As a patent attorney, I get to combine my passions for learning about engineering advancements and for legal and technical writing. At HFZ, I enjoy working with clients to learn about their inventions and innovations and to helping clients protect their intellectual property.


Kristopher T. Sabatini, BSME, BSAE

Prior to joining the HFZ team as a Patent Engineer, I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. As part of my education process, I co-oped with GE Aviation as a Product Design and Mission Analysis Engineer. I became interested in Intellectual Property Law during my junior year of college as President of Case Western’s Mock Trial program. Patent Law enhances my dual interests in engineering and law. At HFZ, I exercise my engineering know-how and passion for cutting edge technology to assist in the preparation and prosecution of patents for our clients.