Kate I. Chwistek, MSME, BSME

Before joining the team at HFZ, I studied mechanical engineering at Northern Illinois University. A highlight of my time at Northern was my senior design project, for which my team and I designed and manufactured a wearable exoskeleton arm with lift assist capabilities. Additionally, I interned at EN Engineering to assist in designing pipeline systems for transportation of natural gas. After completing my undergraduate degree, I continued my education at Northern to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in dynamic systems and control. As a graduate research assistant, I worked on analyzing behavioral patterns of complex systems in nature, then capturing those behavioral patterns in a mathematical model. Ultimately, my graduate career culminated in a thesis paper in which I modeled the response of fish schools to a simulated predator.

Graduate research sparked my interest in learning about the new and novel, and ultimately led me to pursue a career in patent law at HFZ. At HFZ, I am consistently exposed to new ideas and technologies across all areas of industry. By helping to protect the intellectual property of some of industry’s brightest minds, I hope to further cultivate a culture of innovation and discovery that keeps the world moving forward.