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Amanda Hunt

Dave Mittel

Fernanda Martinez

Gabrielle Polino

Guadalupe Zambrano

Hani Shamat

Hillary White

Janet Liu

Jaritssa Martinez

Jen Baumbart

Joe Downard

Lynne Johnson

Natalie Dombrowski

Nicole Betancourt

Shannon Kwit

Sue Stevens

Michael W. Zimmerman, JD, MSEE, BSEE
Mark G. Hanley, JD, MBA, BSEE
James A. Flight, JD, BSEE
Mark C. Zimmerman, JD, MSEE, BSEE
Eileen Lysaught, JD, MBA, BS
Christopher N. George, JD, MSECE, BSCompE
Joseph T. Jasper, JD, BSBME
Felipe Hernandez, JD, BSEE
William E. Jacklin, JD, Ph.D. EE, MSEE, BSEE
Peter J. Cesarz, JD, BSEE
Sergio D. Filice, JD, BSME
Marianne Buckley , JD, BSBME
Michael J. Lenisa, JD, BSEE
Brandon J. Dube, JD, BSME
Kim A. Jacklin, JD, BSEE
Scott D. Salmon, JD, BSME
S. Nazeer Ali, JD, MSME, BSME
Robert A. Conley, JD, MSBME, BSBME
Larry J. Palguta, JD, BSME
James C. Redondo, JD, BSEE
Ryan M. Fitzpatrick , BSME
Andrew R. Varrenti, MSEE, BSEE
Kristopher T. Sabatini, BSME, BSAE
Justin R. Lizalek, BSEE
Luke M. Haberkorn, BSEE
C. Taylor Grote, BSEE
Sophia P. Pilipchuk, Ph.D BME, MSBME, BSBME
Sean L. Nugent, BSME
Stephanie L. Chin, BSBME
Kaitlyn A. Nordmeyer, BSBME
David Mittel, CPA
Sue Stevens, Docketing Manager
Bill O’Connor, Recruitment Manager
Fernanda Martinez, Senior IP Paralegal
Guadalupe Zambrano, Administrative Coordinator
Jaritssa Martinez, Clerical Assistant
Hillary White, IP Legal Assistant 1
Janet Liu, Executive IP Legal Assistant
Hani Shamat, IP Legal Assistant 2
Jen Baumgart, Senior IP Paralegal
Brisa Kowalski, Legal Assistant 2
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