HFZ Success Stories

At HFZ, we value the strong and collaborative relationships we have with our clients. Their successes are our successes. Here are a few client success stories and endorsements that illustrate our dedication to service.

“HFZ has partnered with Nielsen to help us advance from a few patent filings a year to one of the top patenting entities in the world. They have delivered top notch results with an innovative approach to delivering cost effective services. As a result, they are our go-to patent prosecution team.”
–Eric Dale, Former Chief Legal Officer, Nielsen

“I have worked with Jim Flight for over 20 years and he and his team have always provided excellent legal advice regarding my company’s intellectual property. HFZ is very detailed and thorough and has written and filed over 100 patents on my company’s behalf. In 2019, Crain’s Business named Kolcraft the second most innovative company in Chicago based on the patent’s likely market value of the innovation and whether it’s likely to hold up in litigation. As the patent prosecutors, HFZ deserves a lot of credit for this achievement. HFZ has also provided sound advice to support our policy of respecting third party patents during our new product development.”
–Tom Koltun, President, Kolcraft

“I first worked with HFZ while employed as a Patent Attorney at Hewlett-Packard, I was serving on and internal Quality Team at HP, and HFZ was retained by HP to audit the quality of HP’s recent patent application filings, HP retained HFZ to draft and prosecute patent applications. Since joining VMware in 2011, I have continued to send work to HFZ. Inventors love working with HFZ attorneys, and HFZ excels at invention harvesting and continuation practice. On characteristic that sets HFZ apart from other firms is consistent work product. HFZ does a great job supervising work from new attorneys, and I am impressed at how quickly new attorneys come up to speed. I highly recommend HFZ.”
–David Plettner, Senior IP Counsel, VMware, Inc.

“Rite-Hite has been an HFZ client since 2005, and we could not be more pleased with their expertise, professionalism and willingness to work both for and with us to obtain value-added IP protection. HFZ has also been very flexible about how we work together – as we have advanced from doing most of the substantive patent work ourselves, and using HFZ primarily for docketing and filing, to a situation where our internal patent professionals now manage the insightful patent prosecution work performed at HFZ. It is gratifying to have this kind of relationship with a professional services firm, and I would give and unqualified recommendation of HFZ to anyone seeking an IP law firm with excellent skills and customer service.”
–Matthew C. McNeill, Chief Innovation Officer, Rite-Hite Holding Corporation