Scott D. Salmon, JD, BSME

I have great interest in innovation and how the law adapts to ever-changing technology both domestically and abroad. Before joining HFZ, I taught at Chicago-Kent College of Law where I instructed students on principles of international intellectual property law and on academic writing on topics in IP law. My interest and understanding of both U.S. and foreign law, coupled with my background in mechanical engineering, enable me to quickly grasp the details (both legal and technical) that are relevant to the needs of our clients to secure the broadest protection possible for their IP rights.

At HFZ, my practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical, electro-mechanical, and computer arts. Since joining HFZ, I have enjoyed the wide array of new technologies and novel ideas developed by the clients we serve and the opportunity and challenge to turn those ideas into protectable interests. For example, I have represented clients in areas as diverse as computer hardware and software, fluid control systems, electrical connectors, media consumption measurement, and manufacturing processes. Assisting to turn those ideas into protectable interests is a challenging and rewarding experience.