Bill O’Connor, Recruitment Manager

At HFZ, I am pleased to work with a tremendously talented team of attorneys, engineers and staff that perform their best work for our clients on a day to day basis. My work includes directing a recruiting strategy for the hiring of engineers, attorneys and staff, facilitating the onboarding of new employees, and planning the special events and celebrations for the firm throughout the year. Prior to working at HFZ, I was a public spokesperson for various companies within the automotive, textbook, technology and consumer goods industries.

David Mittel, CPA

As the Accounting Director for Hanley Flight & Zimmerman, I bring 20 years of accounting experience to the company. I oversee all financial aspects of the business, from billing and payroll to planning and forecasting. During my career, among other things, I spent many years at a public accounting firm preparing tax returns and becoming familiar with the accounting operations of various businesses. I also worked as part of a consulting team for a publicly traded company during a post-merger integration.

Kate I. Chwistek, MSME, BSME

Before joining the team at HFZ, I studied mechanical engineering at Northern Illinois University. A highlight of my time at Northern was my senior design project, for which my team and I designed and manufactured a wearable exoskeleton arm with lift assist capabilities. Additionally, I interned at EN Engineering to assist in designing pipeline systems for transportation of natural gas. After completing my undergraduate degree, I continued my education at Northern to pursue a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in dynamic systems and control. As a graduate research assistant, I worked on analyzing behavioral patterns of complex systems in nature, then capturing those behavioral patterns in a mathematical model. Ultimately, my graduate career culminated in a thesis paper in which I modeled the response of fish schools to a simulated predator.

Graduate research sparked my interest in learning about the new and novel, and ultimately led me to pursue a career in patent law at HFZ. At HFZ, I am consistently exposed to new ideas and technologies across all areas of industry. By helping to protect the intellectual property of some of industry’s brightest minds, I hope to further cultivate a culture of innovation and discovery that keeps the world moving forward.

Agata M. Bogdanowicz, BSBIOE

Prior to joining the HFZ team, I studied Bioengineering and minored in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). During my time at UIC I took part in an Interdisciplinary Product Design course, in partnership with Intuitive Surgical, which allowed me to work on an interdisciplinary team of students to bridge the gap between clinical observation and medical device development. This experience also shed light on the intricate process of medical product design and taught me the importance of strong team dynamics. I also became heavily involved with the Biomedical Engineering Society as its chapter President, which is also where I first learned about the various opportunities for engineers in the legal space. My interests in Intellectual Property Law grew further after taking additional courses in Engineering Law that provided exposure to the multifaceted patenting process.

Currently in my practice as a Patent Engineer at HFZ I am actively learning about the imperative role of engineers, and their technical expertise, in patent prosecution in addition to working alongside attorneys to protect the work of inventors and clients. I am excited to be on the frontlines of innovation and work with technologies from a broad range of fields. Looking forward, I hope to pursue a JD degree at a part-time law program and further refine my skills as a Patent Engineer.

Aleks J. Nosewicz, BS Physics

Prior to joining HFZ as a Patent Engineer, I studied Physics and minored in Mathematics at Wheaton College. Studying Physics has given me a broad range of exposure to various fields of engineering including mechanical, electrical and programming. In my Innovative Design Lab class, I worked with a team designing a door opening solution for individuals using wheelchairs. My math background has given me competence with data science, cryptography, and algorithms.

I have always had twin passions for both science and law, and the field of patent law allows me to pursue both. While interning at Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman during the summer of my junior year, I got to experience the field of patent prosecution in earnest, and immediately knew this was the career for me. Patent prosecution allows me to both work with brilliant inventors who are actively making the world a better place through fascinating technologies, and protect their inventions and rights, so they can focus on inventing. I am currently a law student in the evening program at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Emily S. Fluent, BSEE

Before I joined the HFZ team, I studied Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University. During this time, I worked as a research assistant where I second authored an in-progress social science manuscript about Transnational Grids. I also held summer internships at C2AE and OHM advisors, contributing to various public works projects. Additionally, I was a summer intern at HFZ where I developed my interest in IP law.

At HFZ, I can combine my interests in innovative technology and the field of law, while learning from experienced patent attorneys.

Theodore J. Economos, BSEE

Prior to joining the HFZ team, I studied Electrical Engineering and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Project and design work at UW enabled me to gain experience in several technical areas. These areas include computer systems in medicine, electromagnetic energy conversion, power systems and transmission, plasma processing, electroacoustics, environmental economics, and econometrics. Additionally, I interned with SAI Advanced Power Solutions assisting them in designing and testing mission critical power systems. I pitched and implemented a virtual 3-dimensional wiring platform expediting feedback between engineers and manufacturers of SAI products. These experiences gave me powerful insight into the design and implementation of innovative systems. Furthermore, these experiences taught me the value of client relationships, which led me to a passion for working with and protecting the rights of clients and inventors.

Working at HFZ has facilitated my passion for innovative technologies and systems. I enjoy working comprehensively with clients to acquire the intellectual property rights they deserve.

Emmett T. Russell, BSBME

Before joining HFZ, I studied biomechanical engineering at Marquette University. While studying at Marquette, I worked at Medela, LLC in the Product Development department where I assisted in researching, developing, and testing electrical and mechanical aspects of pumps and associated production processes. I became interested in intellectual property through my grandfather who is the inventor of several patents in the construction industry (e.g., US 4,000,592).

Working at HFZ has allowed me to utilize my engineering background as well as my passion for learning about new and emerging technologies. Here I enjoy working with the inventors at the forefront of innovation to develop and protect their inventive concepts.

Kaitlyn A. Nordmeyer, BSBME

Before joining the HFZ team, I studied biomedical engineering at Marquette University. While at Marquette, I worked on several design projects focused on programming systems to help monitor patient vitals as well as the implementation of different image processing techniques. I also worked at Marquette Energy Analytics for two years as a data analyst working with client data sets and where I helped improve automation in different company processes. Through these experiences with innovation, I gained first-hand experience with patents in industry.

Working at HFZ allows me to work with a variety of cutting-edge technologies. This work enables me to help provide other engineers the ability to continue innovating through our protection of their intellectual property.

Stephanie L. Chin, BSBME

Before joining the HFZ team, I studied Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University with minors in Computer Science and Bioethics. During this time, I worked in a lab developing a rapid, noninvasive screening procedure for hemodialysis patients using digital analysis of blood flow sounds to determine the location and severity of stenosis. I assisted in creating a benchtop test using vascular stenosis phantoms with various levels of narrowing in order to determine a spectral feature of blood flow sounds that correctly predicts the location and severity of stenosis. I was introduced to the field of intellectual property before I disclosed the results of my tests at an IEEE conference. Working at HFZ as a Patent Engineer has solidified my interest in intellectual property prosecution while allowing me to maintain my technical background.