Kristopher T. Sabatini, JD, BSME, BSAE

Prior to joining the HFZ team, I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. As part of my education process, I co-oped with GE Aviation as a Product Design and Mission Analysis Engineer. I became interested in Intellectual Property Law during my junior year of college as President of Case Western’s Mock Trial program. Patent Law enhances my dual interests in engineering and law. At HFZ, I exercise my engineering know-how and passion for cutting edge technology to assist in the preparation and prosecution of patents for our clients.

Mary V. Vollmar, JD, BSBME

Before joining the HFZ team, I studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami. I focused my studies on tissue dynamics, biomedical devices, and signal analysis. During my undergraduate studies, I discovered my passion for technology and the solutions it provides to modern day problems.

During law school, I focused my studies on Intellectual Property and the powerful use of the patent process. My experience with the University of Miami Law Review and the Moot Court helped develop a personal expertise in legal analyses. I am drawn to patent law to help others bridge the divide between technology and the law. At HFZ, I engage with our diverse client base to provide legal help through a technological lens.

Michael A. Van Ryn, JD, BSBME

Prior to joining HFZ, I studied Biomedical Engineering at Florida International University, with an interest in neuroscience and cardiology. My experiences at FIU confirmed my passion for engineering and the impact developing technologies have on the world.

During law school, I focused my studies on Patent law and Health law. I also served as a research assistant studying the bioethics surrounding the development and implementation of novel biomedical technologies. My time on the Minnesota Law Review helped hone my legal writing and analytical skills while my work in the Community Legal Partnership for Health Clinic nurtured my passion for providing exceptional service to my clients. At HFZ, I utilize the skills I developed during my legal and undergraduate educations to deliver patent preparation and prosecution solutions that serve our clients’ interests.

C. Taylor Grote, BSEE

Prior to joining the HFZ team, I studied Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. Project and design work at Purdue included developing embedded control systems for digital washing machines and performing a design/build for an Atomic Force Microscope. Additionally, I interned with Grote Industries assisting in the design and manufacture of the newly emerging thin film LED technology for truck and trailer interior and exterior lighting. I also tested optical, electrical and mechanical compliances and specifications for LED technology within the industry. I was introduced to Intellectual Property working as a summer intern for an IP law firm.

Working at HFZ has allowed me to grow my knowledge and passion for new and emerging technologies while working alongside intelligent, seasoned patent attorneys. I strive to help our clients attain their Intellectual Property rights which contributes to the overall health of our economic system.

Sophia P. Pilipchuk, Ph.D. BME, MSBME, BSBME

Having over 10 years of experience working with engineers and scientists in university-based research laboratories, I appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into the development and validation of novel technologies. As a doctoral student, I authored and co-authored research and review articles in Advanced Healthcare Materials, Dental Materials, and Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, obtaining substantial practice in the communication of novel concepts. I also worked as a Tech Transfer Fellow at the University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)—evaluating a wide range of invention disclosures, assessing prior art, drafting marketing abstracts, and identifying potential licensees—which significantly strengthened my interest in patent law. After completing a doctoral thesis, I worked with engineers and surgeons as a Biomedical Innovation Fellow in UM’s Pediatric Surgery Section to identify medical device needs through clinical immersion. This process inspired design and development of new product solutions to fulfill the needs and expectations of the Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium (MPED) program. This work expanded my knowledge of medical device technologies and commercialization strategies.

At HFZ, I work together with patent attorneys and patent engineers to help clients secure protection for their innovative ideas and maximize the economic value of their patents. At HFZ, I can utilize my previous experiences to help advocate for inventors and assist in securing the full extent of intellectual property protection to which they are entitled.

Emmett T. Russell, BSBME

Before joining HFZ, I studied biomechanical engineering at Marquette University. While studying at Marquette, I worked at Medela, LLC in the Product Development department where I assisted in researching, developing, and testing electrical and mechanical aspects of pumps and associated production processes. I became interested in intellectual property through my grandfather who is the inventor of several patents in the construction industry (e.g., US 4,000,592).

Working at HFZ has allowed me to utilize my engineering background as well as my passion for learning about new and emerging technologies. Here I enjoy working with the inventors at the forefront of innovation to develop and protect their inventive concepts.