HFZ Clients Featured in Top 300 Patent Owners Report, Including 6 of Top 25 U.S. Companies

image of old patent drawing with text overlay

The annual list of the Top 300 entities who were issued patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been released, and once again it shows Hanley Flight & Zimmerman is trusted by the best.

According to data published by the Intellectual Property Owners Association in collaboration with Harrity Patent Analytics, HFZ represents six of the Top 25 U.S. companies who earned the most granted patents from the USPTO in 2022 — meaning 24% of the top U.S. patenting entities look to HFZ for representation.

HFZ clients in the Top 25 are Intel, Ford, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Boeing and VMWare.

Other HFZ clients also appearing in the Top 300 include Deere, Emerson Electric, Abbott Laboratories and Nielsen Holding PLC.

Congratulations to all of HFZ’s great clients for their outstanding showing in leading the world in innovation.