Hanley Flight & Zimmerman Ranks Among the Top Patent Issuing Law Firms In 2022

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The numbers are in and Hanley Flight & Zimmerman, LLC ranked among the most prolific law firms in the nation for U.S. patents issued last year, according to recently released data compiled by Harrity Patent Analytics.

HFZ ranked 80th among law firms and corporate patent departments for total U.S. utility patents issued in 2022. With so many U.S.-based clients, HFZ ranked even higher for U.S. patents issued from patent applications whose first filing occurred domestically. In that U.S.-first filing category, HFZ ranked 36th for the most utility patents issued in 2022.

Showing its deep expertise across several technology areas, HFZ ranked even higher in the U.S.-first filing category in four USPTO Technology Centers. Specifically, in that category, HFZ ranked:

  • 14th for most patents issued in USPTO Tech Center 2600 for Communications technologies.
  • 15th for most patents issued in USPTO Tech Center 2400 for Computer Networks, Multiplex, Cable and Cryptography/Security technologies.
  • 29th for most patents issued in USPTO Tech Center 3600 for Transportation, Electronic Commerce, Construction and Agriculture technologies.
  • 31st for most patents issued in USPTO Tech Center 2100 for Computer Architecture, Software and Information Systems technologies.

Previous data published by the Intellectual Property Owners Association in collaboration with Harrity Patent Analytics, showed that HFZ represents six of the Top 25 U.S. companies who earned the most granted patents from the USPTO in 2022 — meaning 24% of the top U.S. patenting entities look to HFZ for representation in protecting their valuable inventions.