Priyal Bhargava, JD, BSBME

Prior to joining HFZ, I worked at Travelers Insurance as a product manager in the Claim Legal, Staff Counsel, and Behavioral Science departments. Additionally, through the Travelers Insurance Technology Leadership and Development Program, I completed four rotations in different lines of businesses, working as a project manager, developer, tech lead, and a team member of the enterprise innovation team. I worked on initiatives related to network, security, cloud solutions, automation, and innovation. I was able to absorb a breadth of technical knowledge and develop an understanding of the impact technology has in the insurance industry.


At HFZ, I leverage my vast technological background in the patent law field. My passion for merging the fields of law and technology to drive innovation to the next level motivates me to pursue a career in patent law. I enjoy learning about inventions and helping protect clients’ intellectual property rights.