Kevin B. Urban, BSAE

Before joining the team at HFZ, I received my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. The highlight of my education was my senior design project where I worked with a team to design a supersonic wind tunnel and manufacture a de Laval nozzle, test section, diffuser throat, and shockwave visualization device. Following my education, I worked as a Test Engineer for PING Golf Inc. where I performed structural and performance testing on hard goods golf equipment, designed fixtures for mechanical testing machines, and analyzed test result data.

During my time working in industry, I was introduced to the field of patent law by conducting dimensional conformance testing on competitor equipment. By working with the company’s legal department and contributing to the protection of their intellectual property, I became motivated to explore a career in patent law. What excites me most about the field is the prospect of learning about new technologies across multiple disciplines and protecting the rights of new and established inventors.