Alyssa M. Prindiville, JD, BSME

Prior to joining HFZ, I was a career student. I started my university studies in engineering, where I received an Associate of Science in Engineering. Before completing my Bachelor of Science, I made the tough decision to leave engineering and, instead, pursue a career in law. I received my Bachelor of Science in Political Science and went on to attend law school. Between my 2L and 3L years, I was introduced to the field of patent law. I knew immediately that a career in patent law was the right path for me. After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, I went back to university and received by Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


I have always felt a desire to learn as much as I can during my lifetime. It is this appetite for knowledge that drew me into the engineering field in the first place and what led me to a position as a patent attorney. As a patent attorney, I get to combine my passions for learning about engineering advancements and for legal and technical writing. At HFZ, I enjoy working with clients to learn about their inventions and innovations and to helping clients protect their intellectual property.